John Oney & Nesa Thompson

My mother has been fighting cancer for over a decade. After all of the various experimental treatments and a multitude of surgeries, my mother lost most of her hair, leaving it thin, stringy, and gray. After meeting Lilly, I asked my mother if she would like to try Luminary Hair as a means to regain what she lost. My mother’s hair has regained its volume, strength, growth and she’s let me know that she’s very grateful for this rare product.

Joseph A. Peri

As the owner of a personal care manufacturing facility, I was very curious to try Lilly’s all natural hair thickener. I loved the story of how this formula has been passed down through generations of her family. I was very happy with the texture, fragrance and appearance of the products.  I was even more pleased with the results. For a middle aged guy who doesn’t quite have as much on top as he used to, Luminary made a tremendous difference in the volume and overall appearance of my hair. I thought my options were very limited, but I now have a truly thicker and healthier head of hair than I thought possible, all from an all natural recipe. As the owner of a company who makes all types of personal care products, I’m very impressed with the quality and stability of Luminary. It is the genuine article!

Jennifer Welsh Fahselt

I have four beautiful children and after the birth of each one, lost so much hair and just couldn’t recover from the intense hair loss. My sister, Mary Kate Welsh, who worked on the set of Young & the Restless doing hair, gave me a bottle of your product for my birthday. I reluctantly tried it, as I had tried several products on the market claiming to provide help for thinning and hair loss, with little to no results. After using Luminary Hair Enrichment two times, my stylist started asking me what I was using on my hair, because it appeared that I had more hair and was a lot thicker. I couldn’t believe it! I started noticing that my pony tail appeared thicker and I wasn’t having the hair loss that I was used to seeing on the shower floor! I am also very sensitive to most products, itching and burning – but didn’t experience any of that with Luminary Hair Enrichment! After talking with you today, to reorder my product, I am going to begin using the product religiously every 2 weeks and am looking forward to getting the results that you got. With the once a month application that I’ve been doing, and have seen dramatic results – I look forward to seeing what happens. Thank you for making this available to the public!!

Bridgetta Tomarchio

I LOVE using Luminary Hair … it is the BEST hair treatment and it makes your hair grow long and SUPER DUPER healthy! ALL natural ingredients!