The Product


If you’ve noticed articles that advertise they can help you grow long hair fast I
Totally flinch. The real truth is that there are absolutely no short cuts.

  • Growing long hair takes commitment.
  • Hair, when it is growing at it optimal genetic rate-will only grow 6-8 inches per year.
  • If you have hair that is currently chin length and want it to be below your shoulder? Take a ruler and measure the space between where your hair is currently and where you want it to be. It may take you a longer or short time depending on a wide variety of factors as an individual.
  • It is very important if you make a personal commitment to grow, strengthen, bring volume & shine to your hair – that you consistently use Luminary Hair Enrichment™

Introducing the solution to bring your hair growth back to it’s full potential. It has helped hundreds of customers just like you regain their confidence and look better than ever.

Luminary Hair Enrichment